A creative way in bringing about and speaking FRESH words
into someone's life to advocate change, a FRESH outlook and mindset.


About Denzil


Denzil Pailman, born in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, South Africa. I am an author of the book "Operation Rescue". I'm a publisher and have lectured and have consulted on personal development on leadership and church structure and have years of experience working both locally and abroad. My passion is to write and teach in a framework that people will understand. I have travelled and lead training teams into Greece, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Lesotho and Swaziland. I write African Stories. I am innovative, passionate and have a strong desire to see projects, programs and people developed and empowered.

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Through Freshwords my vision is to empower and facilitate breakthrough in the lives of people by providing the tools and techniques that will enable them to realize their full potential and to navigate their journey in their walk of life confident in their ability and potential.


To facilitate meaning personal growth and development through mentoring and coaching.

Underpinning Values

  • Belief in who we are in Christ
  • Every person has value and worth
  • Belief in lifelong learning
  • Integrity
  • Exceeding expectations


Denzil has already written over 10 books, and there are more to come.


This type of motivational speaking is by far most effective.


Denzil also has spoken at numerous speaking events. And currently running "#ComeAliveSeminar".


Frequently posting podcasts to motivate and encourage people.


We have a number of resources out there that you could go and check out - blogs, podcasts, books, etc. Alot of these materials could be used to help and build a person. Feel free to give a review at checkout!

"Life is similar, there's that rhythmic movement of actions and decisions that shape our worlds day after day and the thing that will seperate the best from the rest is that extra effort in becoming good at what you do."

Denzil Pailman - The Dance


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